Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Three days to goooooo..!!

With just three days to go for 2011 to enter my insignificant life, all the goody goody things about my deary 2010 just blew away in a snap. Just as the new year eve was approaching, we were getting more and more excited. We decided to spend this 31st in Bangalore, so even got the tickets booked. Luckily, it was a weekend so I didn't bother about getting stuck up in any hassle of applying for leave or whatever other crappy formalities are there. (I am quite sure, even for managers these formalities are crappy!! Uuggghhh!!) And just today, at the eleventh hour, an important task came up in the project which I handled before, so I couldn't even say NO. 

God is again playing with me. So, now the score is 2-1. Huh!! But dude, I am a tough one to beat. I called up my friends whom I was supposed to meet, and now because its a weekend, even they, too, don't have to get stuck up in any leave-applying procedure, they decided to come over and we'll be celebrating new year's eve in Hyderabad instead of Bangalore. Yayyy...whooppiiiieeeeeeeeee....I made the score 2-each!! 

Hopefully, everything now goes as planned. I don't want to spoil my new year's eve. And, to admit honestly, at some corner of my heart, I felt good. My brother  and my friends  are actually flying down to Hyderabad, specially to spend the new year's eve with me. The feeling of importance is getting the best of me right now and therefore, I conclude that this last significant thing that could have happened to me in this year also turned out to be good. So, now the score is actually 3-2!! Yoohooooo I am winning...keep up dude, you are doing good !! :P

~PeAcE oUt~

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