Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bring on 2011

So, the time has come for my deary 2010 to be over. Actually, compared to the past few years, this year was the best. All the good things happened to me this year. With 2011 stepping slowly towards us, I would just like to take out a minute and count all the best things that happened to me this year. I began 2010 with my internship, and trust me it was the best period of my graduation. Then, I topped my college with aweeesssoooommmmeeee 97% in the last semester. I got the best job in my college, and within two months of starting the actual job, just after finishing the training, I got the employee excellence award. And the list goes on....

But, you can't always hold on to the good things. So now, I am excitingly waiting for 2011 to knock at my door. I hope it turns out to be better than 2010. Just be nice, 2011!!

And now, lets count the things I am waiting for in the new year.

Now, as the new year turns up, its the commonest tradition to have a new year resolution. I haven't thought about it yet, but never is too late. So, let's see...ummm....uuummmm...

I don't know..maybe to continue my aerobics classes...I can think of nothing else to resolve. Aah yes, I have to control my temper. Normally, I am not that high-tempered. Let me tell you that I am a very patient person. But when the threshold limit is crossed (and trust me that is very very difficult), nobody can control my anger - not even me. The fury gets the best of me and then only God knows what happens That is something I need to work upon. 

Now, amidst all this, I want to steal a vacation and visit my parents. Honestly, this was my first time I had been away from them for such a loooooonnnnnnnngggggg period of time. I'll take time to get used to it. Till then, I'll keep on missing them. 

The rest is still a mystery, but I am ready for whatever comes my way. Head ONNNN!!! 

~PeAcE oUt~

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