Friday, December 31, 2010

Last post of the year!!

Heyyy...the last morning of the year...and hopefully, this is my last post of the year, too. Got the last salary of the year today, so planning to go on the last shopping-spree.

But the funniest part is, today, when I should have been out enjoying this last day having all the year-end moments, I am feeling like lazying around the whole day. I skipped the office today, when I could have had a little party in the office itself, just felt like lying around in the room. I am not even feeling like going out somewhere. I don't know, my body is screaming to me, "Today, don't ask me to get up!" I don't understand what the darn has happened to me? Am I having grey hair, walking with a stick, a pair of old-fashioned spectacles on my nose and coughing all the day around? I think I am feeling the symptoms - not the physical ones, but the mental ones for sure. OMG, I am growing olddd...NOOOOOO!!!!! Wait, is that lady on the top ME????? Noooooooooooooooooooo.............uhooo uhhhu uhhhhooooooo uhh[ COUGHING]..Harruummmpppphhhh!! Oh, excuse the old lady, I was just clearing my throat..!! [ DOES THAT REALLY SOUND LIKE ME? NO WAY!!]

I don't want to spend the last day of my deary goody goody year lying around watching TV or sitting in front of laptop. Actually you know what, 31st December comes once a year, but a weekend is a very lovely amazing charming thing. And a loonnng weekend of three days is an icing over the cake. It's like a lifetime opportunity for me :P

Let's see...maybe this is because I have just come back from the morning exercise and naturally, I am completely exhausted. I'll just have some rest, have a lovely lovely cozy cozy warm bubble-bath and then, if my body is in sync with my mind, I can go out spending my salary :)

~PeAcE oUt~

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