Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The beginning of a new phase of life..!!

OnCe UpOn A tImE...
22 years ago, a yet another seemingly insignificant life was born - insignificant to the whole world - but the most important to a few people. Yes, if you already guessed it - I am talking about myself. I was born as the elder child in my family.

I looked exactly like my mom - just a fairer version of her, and I am proud of that. Since the day I was born, my mom fell madly in love with me. She even named me after a lot of research here and there. I was so special for her. But for everybody else, I was just another kid. My school life continued just like every other child - except, that, my father didn't consider me like her daughter. He always brought me up like his son. He didn't put any unnecessary restriction on me, which would have made me weak. I love him for that. I committed the same mistakes in my school which every other child does - failing exams - forging my father's signatures - lying to parents to go out with friends. But sooner or later, they would have had it found out. The irony is, they never scolded me. They always made me understand in their own way.

WhEn It AlL wAs JuSt ThE sAmE...
Life continued like any other day. The final two years of school life were "apparently" the golden years of my life. I had experienced everything - irritating teachers - trying to elope away from studies - having fun with friends. I became the naughtiest kid of my batch, but still managed to get more than a decent score. :)

AnD tHeN oNe FiNe DaY...
It was a day, just like any other. Everything was on its routine. Except it changed everything for me. July 31, 2006 - when I first stepped out of my home to be on my own - and then began the college life. My parents were worried, and to admit honestly, so was I. With no one around me to guide what was right and what was not, I took my share of risks to encounter my own share of experiences. If I look back today, I realize that most of them were wrong, but today if I am in a position to judge that they were wrong, its because I took them.

With those decisions, the path of my life started deviating from others. Four years of college life - every year a new lesson. Lost uncountable number of people who mattered to me, who were close to me - but found a new bunch of handful of them - and I am proud of that. During college, everybody looked down at me. But as time passed, I learnt to fight with the situation and create my own place in the crowd.

It AlL cHaNgEd In A bLiNk...
As the final year of college life approached, because of recession, no one had a job in their hand. But as the first opportunity arrived, I grabbed it. Faced a hugely tough competition, but there I was - the first one in my batch to get placed. I would have never done that, but it was only because of the words of my mom that I made through it. She always said, "If there is even the slightest possibility of something happening, it means you CAN do it."
It was the blessings and love of my parents, plus the strength and determination to do anything I want to, added with a little of my hard work.

AnD iT cOnTiNuEs
Today, when they walk in the crowd, they walk with pride. I am not really sure if I have done something as significant as that, but the fact that I have done something, which has brought satisfaction to them is enough for me. Even if it came after facing a hard time and losing so many people, I know it was worth it.

I know those four years of my life were not bad, because had they not happened, I would not have been at this stage.

Since I am returning to blogging after a huge period of time, this first post is dedicated to my parents and my special friends who made everything special for me, without whom I would have been a completely different person. They are the people, who didn't despise me even when I did everything to hurt them. They still stuck to me. Hats off to them.

HoPeS fOrEvEr....
This is a new phase of my life - which has just begun. But I am more mature than before - more patient than before - and more modest than before. I hope to continue making my parents proud. I owe everything, I have today, to them. 

When I was young, they used to make me feel special. Now is the time when I have to make them feel the same.

~PeAcE oUt~

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