Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Employee Excellence Award

It was just another day with nothing special. Everything was going on in its own pace and according to its own routine. Everybody would have got up - got ready for their daily jobs and would have continued just like any other day. I was also one of them. I also pursued my daily chores usually and reached office. 

Its my habit that when I reach office, I keep my bag besides me, and then I pull out the chair, check the mails and then I go and get a cup of coffee before starting the rest of my day. I did the same that day, too. I kept my bag besides me, sat on my seat and opened the mails. And then, it all changed. In a snap. There was a mail from the director that my team got the employee excellence award. My first award in this company. I was speechless. And honestly, till now I am. It was like a feat for me.

Slowly, as the days passed, the ripples settled. I got used to the fact that I got an award. It was not the same charm anymore! Everybody else also continued with their work. And me, I immersed myself that I just forgot about it. And then, yet again it was there. After a month. The official distribution of the momento and the price money. Now, it always raises butterflies in my stomach when I think about the moment. But, here it is - I did it! And now, it's just there. On my desk - making me realize that I can do whatever I want - motivating to work even harder.

~PeAcE oUt~


  1. gl im sure u r going to do this through out ur lyf no wonder for me...
    u got that zeal dear