Sunday, December 12, 2010

Helpless yet Strong

Last week, something happened that touched me - not only touched me, but stirred me, shook me inside out. Me and my friend are the best of pals we could ever be. We have our share of pressure, but then more than our share of fun, too! That day, we were in mood of celebrating, just like that, without any reason. Because we celebrate quite too often ;) we didn't do anything special that day. We just decided to eat out.

When we were done and moved out of the restaurant, we ran into a lady. Well, much more than a normal human could endure. She was sitting on a chair at one corner. While we passed her, she just said one thing, "Ma'm, can I take your one second? I'm really sorry I have to call you here, but I can't walk up to you.". I lost all my senses of right and wrong with that one sentence and walked up to her. She told me that she couldn't walk because of polio, but she could write with her right leg. She was there collecting money from people to register for a competition. There, she was going to write a poetry from her leg - for the first time publicly. We gave her what we could.

But, the next moment I realized that nothing we gave her would be enough. It all will fall short in front of her courage and strength. She could have easily sat at home, made her disability her excuse and got every need served. But she wanted to fight. She wanted to live - not just be alive. She wanted to do something special in her life -to achieve something. For her, there was no shortcut in life.

That spark - that zeal, enthusiasm is missing from most of our lives nowadays, specially mine. We dream big, and work hard. But when we get smaller that what we wanted, we compromise with it, without realizing that it could much be the first step towards something bigger - towards what we always wanted. We start believing that something is better that nothing and enter into our comfort zones. We still continue to work hard, but towards a different direction. We now work hard to survive, not to reach our goal. After seeing that lady that day, I realized that when you really want to do something, no hindrance is big enough - no obstacle is an excuse. That few minutes of interaction with that person stirred me inside and motivated me to work hard - not to survive but to reach my goal.

~PeAcE oUt~


  1. seriously yaar that incident shook our soul
    we were so speechless..
    but soon we started cracking joke on that police wale ki laathi
    bt..i just wish that we could contribute more for that noble cause..

  2. I don't want to sympathize with that lady..she needs our prayers n wishes..not the sympathy..i just hope she achieves whatever she wanted to...